tipsTipping your driver, guide, server, etc. are all at your discretion.  However, here are a few tips:

Included Group Meals: When the group dines together, your tour guide will tip waiters for the included meals.

Time at Leisure: During the times that you explore independently, you may dine in a local restaurant, take a taxi, or avail yourself of some other service where tipping is customary. In Spain, restaurants do not normally include service charges on bills and it is customary to leave a 5%-10% tip (10% in a better restaurant, less in a humbler establishment). When ordering snack foods or menus del dia, round the bill off to the nearest euro; if you’ve received exceptional service, leave more at your discretion. The waiters in a hotel cocktail lounge can expect a tip of about 60 euro cents. In cafés and bars, leave small tips for barmen and waiters; a few small change coins—less than one euro—is sufficient.  The same rule applies to tipping taxi drivers in Spain – a few small coins.