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Area: 195,364 square miles

Capital: Madrid

Languages: Spanish is the official language; Spanish, Basque, Catalan, and Galician are also spoken.

Location: Spain is bordered by Portugal, France, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Geography: Spain’s topography consists of a broad central plateau that slopes to the south and east, crossed by a series of mountain ranges and river valleys. It is a land of both towering peaks and endless beaches, as well as fertile landscapes and high, dry plains. Principal rivers are the Ebro in the northeast, the Tajo in the central region, and the Guadalquivir in the south.

Population (2007 estimate): 40,844,191

Religion: Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%

Gay Marriage is legal.

Time Zone: Spain is on Central European Time, six hours ahead of U.S. EST (New York) and nine hours ahead of U.S. PST (Los Angeles).